Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Miss Happy Camper

We are in love! With a sweet little happy camper. Today was her breakthrough day. She smiled, played, walked, and ate! She is the sweetest little thing. This may just be the honeymoon phase, but she is very content, quiet, and smart. She has already learned a few English signs: bye-bye and eat. She said the word mama. She doesn't make a whole lot of noise and I'm not sure how speech will be for her. Her palate was repaired, but at least one hole has developed as food comes out of her nose occasionally.

She wakes up with a wild bunch of hair. After a bottle, she was happy to play with Daddy and the bus.

After getting dressed she played with the bus some more.

After breakfast we went to the little playroom in the hotel. She wanted to go after a short time. Maybe because it looked a lot like the playroom at the healing home?

We then headed to the humungous park by our hotel again. It reminds me of Central Park with all the different areas and many activities to do there. We walked through an area we didn't see last time with a lake and an amusement park. It was much cooler today, but the smog was worse. I didn't know that was possible!

We took Anna on the little merry go round. The attendant waved us through, but then we saw other people paying. We felt odd not paying so we pulled out the wallet. This area was called Practice English Hill. There was no one speaking English that we saw and no one asked us to practice English with them.

This little one loves loves loves her stroller. She contentedly sat in it as we walked throughout the park.

She even continued to sit in it when we got home. Just sat...doing absolutely nothing but loving the new fangled machine.

On our way back from the park another family in our group took our picture in front of the hotel.

She zonked out after lunch. It's not taking a mere minute any more. She is too excited about her surroundings now.

She has a smile (toothless on top because the lips hide the teeth) that lights up a room.

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