Sunday, February 17, 2013

3 2 1 Blastoff!

Saturday morning we went to the grand opening of the ULA sponsored exhibit at Denver Children's Museum. We were a bit early for the ceremony so the girls played on the real fire truck first.

At 10:00 we headed up to 3 2 1 Blastoff! Here is the main "thrust" of the exhibit. Kids get to make their own paper rockets, or choose one left behind, and launch it into "space". The lucky ones make it to a planet!

The local news was there.

The girls also had fun seeing how air lifts scarves through a pipe and causes balls to hover midair.

Dan got to officially open the exhibit to the public.

We spent the next hour or so going to other exhibits in the museum, some we have experienced, some new.

The bubble room is always fun. You can catch giant bubbles or stand on a platform and make a bubble around you and your friends.

Not everyone likes being surrounded by a giant bubble. Or perhaps being that close to other kiddos.

And not everyone cooperates really well when they are hungry! Or as Beth says, hangry.

After lunch we headed out as it was getting terribly crowded. We almost never come to this place on a Saturday for this reason. Our last stop was the playground on the way out. Fun day!

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Beth said...

Oh Mia Moo, I understand hangry!