Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Year of the Snake

Monday night we went to a Chinese New Year celebration. I took the girls by myself as Dan was away on business. We started the evening with red envelopes! In case you don't know, it's traditional for kids to get red envelopes with money inside for CNY.

Then I dressed them in the outfits we brought back from China. They looked sooo cute!

When we got to the celebration we ate first. We had frozen yogurt (Chinese????).

Then we had some orange chicken and bagels with cream cheese (again, Chinese?????) Anna hardly ate a thing as she was very very nervous with all the activity.

The girls had snake balloon hats made for them.

We got to enjoy a karate show while we ate our food.

Next Mia got her face painted. Anna watched but declined one for herself.

We saw a giant panda and Mia wanted soooo badly to talk to him. But...Anna screamed every time we got near, shaking her head, "NO!". What you don't see in the picture is Anna on the floor at arm's length trying to get away from me, screaming really loudly and scared to death that she would have to go up to him next!

The girls played a few games and then the dragons came out with drums pounding. Of course Mia couldn't get close enough and Anna couldn't get far enough away!

By this time it was getting crowded and with two little girls wanting to go in two different directions it was time to go home. Happy Chinese New Year!

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