Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anna's Special Day

Both the girls had special days this past weekend. Anna's was Friday. We decided not to have parties, but to do things as a family that they enjoyed. Friday morning we headed off to the Douglas County Courthouse to validate Anna's adoption. Even though she was officially adopted in China and is a U.S. citizen, she cannot get a U.S. birth certificate unless her adoption is validated by a U.S. court.

Court lasted about 5 minutes, tops. We did change her name a bit to what we originally were going to name her, Annabelle Faith. The judge ordered it, but we'll have to see if it messes with her social security number.

After court Dan had to go to back to work. I took the girls to McDonalds for two hours.

We were then going to go to the underground playground at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs. But when we got there it was closed for the week! So I found a mall with a playground on my iPhone. It ended up being further than I wanted to go, but we had fun.

There was a place at the mall called Imagination Station, a community art center, all for free. The girls played with stuffed animals and did puppet shows.

There was a lot of rather interesting community art work displayed. Mia thought a lot of it was "scary". She would not go near these two pieces. Odd for her.

We then headed over to the craft center. The girls honed their cutting and pasting skills!

There was man coloring at another table. You can see him in the picture of Mia with the scissors. I thought he was disabled because you don't normally see a grown man sitting at a table coloring on a small piece of paper. Then he brought this over.

Appearances can be misleading! He drew Mia next, but I have misplaced it at the moment.

We finally made our way to the playground after a quick stop for small ice cream cones.

We then made the hour drive home and had dinner at Panera with Daddy. We knew a regular restaurant would not work with how they tired they were and I wasn't about to cook!

Happy Special Day, Anna! We love you!

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