Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Yesterday we made cookies for friends, teachers and therapists. The grocery store didn't have any heart cookie cutters! But we found this plastic container of M & M's that worked just right. And the M&M's inside were used for decorations.

I told Mia the cookies had to be cool before we could decorate them. While I was turned the other way she got out the meat thermometer and "took the temperature" of each cookie. She announced they were "cool". Of course each cookie now had a big hole!

Mia and "Sis", as she now calls her, decorated the cookies together. Well, Mia decorated them and Anna ate as many red sprinkles as she could get her hands on...and her mouth...and her chin...

The cookies came out great!

The girls woke to Valentine octopi and stickers!

The stickers ended up in some interesting places!

For dinner we went to our traditional breakfast for dinner at IHOP. The girls wore their jammies.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I'm bummed the Blogger changed their format for adding pictures and I don't know how to make them larger any more!

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