Monday, February 11, 2013

Mia's Special Day

Sunday was Mia's special day! Early Sunday morning she was baptized. It was a little scary for her.

After talking about it at home she told us she was scared of the priest. My guess is she only sees him way up at the altar doing all kinds of things she doesn't really understand. And he's the boss. And you know she wants to be the boss!

She did not like the water poured on her head at all!

We started to see a bit of a smile when that part was over!

She loved Daddy lighting her candle and then giving it to her to hold. Being afraid of fire myself, I did not like that part!

I was happy when it was time to blow out the candle!

Here she is with her Godparents, Bob and Sheri!

After the ceremony we went out to breakfast. Mia opened a few presents.

We asked Mia what she wanted to do on her special day and she said ride a glass elevator. (We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and she has seen the movie several times.) Our mall has a sort-of glass elevator.

We stopped at the fountain and threw some pennies in. This is a special treat as I usually tell her we are there to shop only!

Next we headed to the Wildlife Experience Museum as my pass runs out in 2 weeks. Both girls loved petting the giant hissing cockroach. Yuck.....I did not see one adult pet it.

We bought tickets for the IMAX movie, Fuzzy Baby Animals. Spend your money elsewhere; it was not very good. But the girls sure looked cute in their 3D glasses.

We came home and got Mexican take-out for dinner. Happy Special Day, Mia. We love you!

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