Thursday, March 28, 2013

California Trips

We are getting ready for our first of many trips to California in the next 9 months. I can't believe I haven't been there since Thanksgiving. I think that is my largest stretch yet. We have had to buy summer shoes and clothes to bring with us!

Here are our definite trips. We have a few maybes as well.

This weekend: Mia and I will travel for one night for my dad and stepmom's 30th anniversary party.

Next weekend: All of us are going for 9 days. We will take Mia to Disneyland for her birthday and attend my sister's wedding among other things!

May: We are all going to Avery's first birthday party!

August: We are all going to Grossie's (Dan's mom) 90th birthday party!

September: We are all going to Max's first birthday party.
We will also be going to see our newest grandchild who will be born in

November: We are all going to our niece's wedding. Well I shouldn't say that. I don't even
know if kids are invited. But Dan and I will be there!

January: We are all going to Becky's wedding!

Our maybes are some other weddings we are invited to, holidays and who know what else might come up!

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