Friday, March 8, 2013

Shamrock Shakes

We go to McDonald's a lot in the winter. We go for the indoor playground. I always buy something, usually yogurt for the kids. I've seen people come in with their own food and drink and use the playground. That just doesn't seem right. Yes, their food is really really bad for you. But they have to pay for the equipment, the upkeep, the staff to clean it, etc. It seems like stealing to not buy anything when you are there.

So...we got shamrock shakes today! I splurged. Don't tell hubby as he makes homemade ice cream and he would be appalled we ate ice cream (or some sort of chemical) at McDonald's. We actually have a freezer full of it at home. But it was fun. And Anna actually went on the play structure!

No, they did not finish their whole shake! What was I thinking? I should have bought them one to share. I finished mine. And I wonder why none of my pants fit!

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