Sunday, March 24, 2013


I had plans for us all to go to the big Pow Wow downtown on Saturday. We try to celebrate the kid's different heritages. Mia is partly Mexican and Native American from what we have been told. But we woke up to this...

and it just didn't seem wise to drive that far. Hard to believe it's the first weekend of Spring!!!!

We did get out. We went to Toys R Us and got a new stroller, one that both kids can sit in comfortably. Mia's seat also has a standing platform. (Anna is potty training so she justs wears underwear in the house. Don't worry, we keep it pretty warm!)

Dan helped Mia make a rocket ship from the box. She has been playing with it quite a bit.

Today we went to church early and out to breakfast. We then went to the lighting store, again. This is the fifth time! I think we have finally found and/or returned all the lights we need! We also went grocery shopping and Dan made homemade chili while I made homemade bread.

It was not too exciting of a weekend, but we have a very busy end of March and April coming up so that's okay!

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