Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Everyday Life

Our little Anna is, sadly, no longer an angel. She is starting to show her voice, her very very loud voice. If you were with us in China you know what I am talking about! She screamed and screamed at Chipotle yesterday when I didn't put lemonade in her cup. Sorry kiddo, your two front teeth are rotting due to so little enamel. So lemonade is out for now. (She will probably have surgery on them in July when she has larger tubes put in her ears.)

Today I tried to put her shirt on. She said, "No!"

"Let's do it together."


"Everyone has to wear a shirt."


"You need to go sit in the chair since you aren't obeying."



I guess she'll eventually figure out she can say no to that too!

She is expressing an interest in every thing Mia does. So now Anna goes to mom & me gymnastics and swimming lessons. At gymnastics her favorite activity is pointing to the letters on the mats and asking me what they are. Seriously. I'm guessing homeschooling her will be pretty easy. Maybe not P.E. :)

We have suspended potty training until the masses of people are gone from the house. It's getting close!

When Mia gets in trouble she can get really mad at me. Sometimes she tells me things she is going to do to me. Yesterday she said, "I'm going to put you outside and not give you any healthy food!" Ha ha. I'm so glad she considers not eating healthy food a punishment!

I must say, we are never bored!

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