Monday, April 8, 2013

Vacation Day 2

The girls kept very busy while I packed for this trip. They must have played for an hour and a half off and on in this suitcase. It was a boat, a car, and a place to hide from mom. Needless to say, they were not happy when I had to start filling it with clothes!

Yesterday we went to a local church and out to breakfast. Then we stopped and got little Anna's bangs cut.

On our way back to the hotel we had a text message that we could watch the ultrasound for our new grandchild live! So cheapo me bought wifi for our room. We watched and watched for the little person to reveal his/her sex.

After about twenty minutes, we learned we would be the grandparents of a new little boy, Benjamin Daniel! So excited to see him this fall.

After the reveal, we headed to the beach. It was a little too cold to wear our bathing suits, but not too cold to dip our feet in the water.

It was Anna's first time at the beach! She got a little scared after awhile as did Mia. But soon Mia was back in and having a blast.

At the beach snack bar we had a snack. The salad is mine. That's my snack. That's the snack you get when you have a had way too many snacks lately!

Next, we went back to our room and cleaned up for a trip down to the San Diego area to see Dan's family. The girls took naps in the car so they were both in good moods when we got there!

They gave Mia and Anna Christmas presents and Mia a birthday present! And their cousins played with them the whole time. You might think that's the way it always is, but their cousins are all over 18 years old!

They had a lot of fun outside playing on the hill.

Sheila even brought a birthday cake for Mia. We were all surprised, especially Mia.

And Mia got to share it with her 89 year old grandmother. The girls both fell asleep on the way back to the hotel. We sure miss living close to family!

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