Saturday, April 6, 2013

First Day Vacation!

We left early yet his morning and spent all afternoon doing swimming! I'm typing this on the iPad. I prefer the computer for blogging but not willing to pay for the wifi! Not much to blog about but getting some rest after meeting with the fence guy, landscaper, designer, and moving everything out of the family room yesterday. Yes, we are letting construction be done on our house, landscaping be done in the yard, a fence put in, and chairs picked up for reupholstering while we are 1000 miles away! And I'm good with it. Really good with it. I could not stay in the house one more minute and make another bad decision. (Hence why we have too dark of a backsplash and a rose colored patio and walkway!) So I'm getting out of Dodge and letting all these other people make decisions and hope hope hope that everything turns out okay!!

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