Friday, April 12, 2013

Vacation Day 5

On Wednesday morning we went to Disneyland! The girls loved it! We stayed for 10 hours. Anna took about an hour nap but Mia was awake for the whole day.

Becky's sitter wasn't able to watch Max in the morning when Becky had to work so he joined us for the first few hours.

Max and Anna's first time at Disneyland!

We went on kiddie rides and Mia even went on a few rides where she had to meet a height requirement. They both love rides and see them going on everything in a few years!

A little after noon, Joey, Brittany, Avery and Becky joined us. It was Avery's first time at Disneyland too!

We didn't eat lunch so we could enjoy an early dinner without the crowds. Popcicles are great on a hot day!

This is the only "character" Anna would let get near her. She looked something like a human being!

Fun with cousins!

Our last ride was their favorite. And Dan and I got whiplash!

Someone insisted on putting on their own jacket to go home.

You may have anything in the store as part of your birthday present. Anything. Look at these beautiful princess dresses! Look at the cute little Minnie Mouse! Okay, if that's what you want...that's what you'll get!

What a great day!

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