Saturday, April 20, 2013

Space Symposium

Dan usually goes to the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs in April. I usually pick up a few of the freebies for kids. I used to get them for my students and last year I got some things for Mia. But this year we were on vacation. But not to worry. Two of Dan's employees went freebie shopping for the girls!

These bags were filled up! It was like Christmas.

There were ULA rocket dolls.

A bling bling key necklace which got used all day.

Here is a water bottle that floats.

A little bit of reminiscing here for me. We played with our Viewmasters a lot as children. I wonder if they even still sell these? Mia loved it. Maybe a Christmas idea?

There are always sweet people doing things for the girls. Both Greg's mom, Roberta, and his secretary, Mary, hand sewed aprons for the girls. Can I find the pictures I took? NO! So I will post pics of those later.

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