Friday, October 4, 2013

Farm Visit

Last Sunday we went to a local farm. It is less than five miles from our house! That is one thing I love about the new city we live in; I hardly ever have to leave it.

We started out with a hay ride!

Then we hit the corn maze. It was much smaller than the one we usually go to every fall.

After that, it was play time! The kids didn't notice that there was a body hanging from the swings. I really don't like that part of Halloween.

And there were some really cute animals to pet and feed.

And then the real reason we were there...

I forgot to take pictures of the two big pumpkins we bought! We only stayed about an hour because it was so hot. It was only 75 degrees, but in the thin Colorado air it feels like 90! And there are no longer afternoon clouds rolling in to cool us off.

But if you don't like the weather, just wait, about five days...

The weather here is so CRAZY!!

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