Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Weekend

We had a pretty quiet weekend. Dan left yesterday afternoon for business until Wednesday. On Saturday we ran errands, took the girls to lunch and then later went to a charity dinner. I had to take a picture of the salad that was served. It was so cute with the personal bottle of dressing. What a great idea!

The theme of the dinner was Western and we got to see Lee Greenwood, The Oak Ridge Boys and Lonestar. It was a very good show and they raised a ton of money for Volunteers of America. Many of the dinners we go to for Dan's work are pretty boring, but this one was fun!

Sunday morning we went to a pancake breakfast at church and then piddled around the house. The girls played Wizard of Oz for two hours.

Mia knows the whole movie practically by heart. Anna will say whatever Mia tells her to as long as she gets to wear the red shoes!

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