Friday, October 18, 2013

Nature Center

The girls are on Fall Break from preschool this week so we have had a little extra time around here. We went to Monkey Bizness on Tuesday. Yesterday we went to a nature center where they got to wear their Halloween costumes!

First they learn about bats, spiders and Trick or Treat etiquette.

Next they decorated Trick or Treat bags.

Then we went out for a little parade.

Afterwards we went over to the old homestead on the property and walked in, on and around.

We picked a few fall leaves to make Christmas presents for the older kids. Psssst:If you are not sure what they are when you open them, think coasters!

This has been the best fall color since we have lived here. It's not the peak anymore, but we have had color for four weeks now!

Hope you are all having a Happy Fall!

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