Monday, October 28, 2013

Little Mermaid

Last week the girls had croup. They sounded awful, especially Anna. So much for my post about how they never get sick! Combine that with a weekend wedding trip and I'm behind in blogging!

By Thursday they were feeling well enough to go to a play. We saw The Little Mermaid Jr., a shortened version of the Broadway play. It was wonderful.

The girls paid attention through the whole 90 minutes. The old songs from the movie were great to hear and I loved the added songs from the Broadway production as well.

Afterwards we bought some food at Noodles and Company and headed to the park. It was a beautiful fall day.

I love taking the girls to plays and they are so reasonably priced around here! I pay between $5 and $8 a ticket, the price of a movie! What a bargain! Tomorrow we are going to see Pinkaliscious, one of their favorite books brought to life!

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