Thursday, October 10, 2013

She Has an Opinion

Anna has really come out of her shell. She will always be introverted, but she is getting really good at telling us what she likes and dislikes these days. It is usually in the form "I don't like fill in the blank" or "I looovvve fill in the blank."

The girls have not been in gymnastics for a few months as they canceled Anna's class. And I took them out of swimming lessons for awhile when Anna had new tubes put in her ears. We have been able to fill those afternoons with plenty of visits to the park. But now that it is getting chilly we have signed up for a new activity. Karate!

Before she went, Anna said over and over, "I don't like karate." She didn't know what it was but she somehow hated it! Right after the first class, she said, "I looovve karate!" Unfortunately, she spent 50% of the class doing whatever she wanted and laughing. Some of the activities were a little too hard for her, even though it's a class for three and four year olds. So she coped by goofing around. Her motor skills are a little behind. We will give it a couple of months and if she doesn't improve we'll have to sit her out until she's a little older. Mia also loved the class and did well.

On the way home from the doctor yesterday I was following the GPS. Anna yelled from the back seat, "I loooovvve continue on the current route." She is too funny!

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