Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sarah's Wedding

This past weekend we went out to California for our niece's wedding. We attended the rehearsal pizza party on Friday night.

Here's the bride, Sarah, very excited to be getting married the next day.

We had to take this picture of Dan's brother, Greg, playing with Mia because he is not what you would call a "kid person".

The next day Becky and I had some wedding stuff to do, but we also got to go to the park with Max!

He does the same scrunchy nose face that Becky did as a baby, but I was not quick enough with the camera to capture it.

The wedding was at a golf course and was fabulous. We got a quick mini family picture when I noticed we were all wearing green. I'm thinking it might be our Christmas card this year as we won't get a full family picture until Becky's wedding in January.

The bride and her happy parents. Oops, too much light behind them.

Happy Wedding, Sarah!

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