Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Field Trip

Last week we went on a little field trip to see one of their favorite books come alive, Lyle, Lyle the Crocodile. Our first stop was this cute little place. We had to stop and dump a bucket of water out from a leak. This is the future home of some very special people, Becky, Arek and Max! We are so excited that they are moving to Colorado!

After that we stopped by our new favorite library. Just love a library that has a puppet theater and kitchen. Not sure what those have to do with reading, but fun. Story time was just starting when we arrived. Lucky for us!

There was a phone you could pick up and listen to a story. Both of the girls left it hanging after they were done. They had no idea that you were supposed to "hang it up". All they know are cell phones. Haha. I remember Becky not knowing how to use a rotary dial phone the first time she had to use one when she was about nine. She just stared at it and said, "What do I do?"

After the library we went to the play. Which we all loved.

We ate lunch in the car afterwards and then stopped by speech therapy on the way home. It was a fun but tiring day!

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