Thursday, March 20, 2014

Keeping it Simple

Last Saturday the girls went to a superhero birthday party.
Here's Tuck the Wonder Pet and Super Girl!

The party was CRAZY! The Mom made capes for all 12 kids. She had elaborate games and even painted a mural of gotham city and made a three layer cake with fondant. I got tired just looking at everything. There were stations that the kids rotated through. Here they are saving the baby from hot lava!


This mom seemed to thoroughly enjoy spending incredible amounts of time and money perfecting this party. You could tell that was how she showed her love and that she was incredibly talented! I could have spent the same amount of time and money and it would have looked like &%#@. (In case you doubt me, look at Mia's costume.) So...I always stay simple!

Talking about simple...the girls were very happy with a little light up ring to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Frist Day of Spring!!!!

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