Thursday, March 13, 2014


We try to switch up our quiet time every day. One day we might have art boxes. These are boxes I put age appropriate art supplies in for them to work with. Another day we play with our quiet time boxes and on another day they get to do quiet time together. Which, as you can guess, is not very quiet!

Today I was reading someone's blog. Almost every idea I have is stolen from someone else's blog, by the way. She wrote about not letting the kids watch T.V. when you have important things to do but give them stations to go to. Well, I'm all about letting the kids watch T.V. when I have something important to do! In fact, we have some T.V. time every day. But...I thought her idea would be a great novelty for quiet time. So today we did stations!

Here is Anna at the puzzle station.

And Mia enjoying the art station.


But this will be a once a week thing. I really like my 45 minutes uninterrupted time to get things done and rest. With the stations, I'm up every 15 minutes to help them rotate.

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