Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break

The girls are on Spring Break for two weeks.We are still homeschooling three days a week since we took a week off in February. But since there is no preschool and the speech therapist in son vacation we have some down time.

On Monday Lorelei came over to play. Yesterday, we met Logan and his mom and sister at the aquarium. Denver's aquarium is just okay and expensive. We much prefer the Aquarium of the Pacific in California! But the girls really liked all the fish, Mia especially. And they saw mermaids!

After that we headed to Cherry Creek Mall to eat lunch and play on the playground there.

Today we headed down to Pueblo with Lorelei and her mom to visit the children's museum there. The girls had a blast!

We got to watch a Food Detective play and take a dance class.

The weather was in the 70's so we even had a picnic.

But we are tired today so tomorrow and Friday we will be staying home!

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