Saturday, August 16, 2014

Face to Face Colorado

Today we went to the Face to Face Colorado picnic! This organization is only a few years old, started by two young ladies with cleft lips/palates. They are so generous with their time to help our children belong to a community. I love that they include the entire family in everything!

The girls got to play games, shoot arrows and eat lunch.

They didn't get to go to the face painter or balloon man. Both had really long lines as we were already signed up to go to the library to see a police canine dog.

The library event was pretty disappointing. They talked for almost an hour before they brought the dog out for five minutes. It was okay for the older children, but they lost Anna's attention really quick. And Mia got more and more scared as they talked about all the ways the dogs attack the bad guys! We should have stayed at the picnic!

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