Sunday, August 10, 2014


We have been in Jamaica since Wednesday and will be going home soon.

This is why we came!

Yes, there is a new Mrs. Collins!

Last Tuesday we flew to Newark. The reason? We had to do that in order to use our frequent flyer miles. Wednesday morning we flew to Jamaica. The kids did great on both four hour flights.

They also did great on the two hour bus ride to the resort!

The wedding was held Friday. Here is the beautiful bride getting her hair done.

Because the cellist was late, we had some time to kill in the bar before the ceremony. Family photo opportunities came to mind!

Soon the ceremony began. Brittany's mom, Brigit, walked her up the aisle.

Her sister, Michaela, and cousin, Jackie, stood up for Brittany. Jackie is the one who introduced Joey and Brittany to each other four years ago.

Matt, Joey's cousin, and Gabe, his college roommate stood up for Joey. Matt and Joey are like brothers.

Avery was the flower girl. She promptly flung her flower basket overboard after it was empty! Just look at the mischievous look on the little munchkin!

The vows were amazing and very personal.

We celebrated with a reception outside including cocktails, dinner and dancing.

There was a a small intimate cake for a small intimate party.

Three weddings in two years! The older kids are now all hitched and happy and so are we!

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