Friday, August 22, 2014

School Days

Today was Mia's first day of Friday School!

She was supposed to go last week but she still wasn't feeling well. I was surprised at how nervous she was when we first got there. But when I picked her up she was hugging all her new friends goodbye. That's the Mia I know!

Becky, Arek and Maks have officially moved into their own place. We get to babysit Maks once a week now and the girls were super excited yesterday when he came over.

Anna taught him school.

Maks loves going outside. He doesn't consider the deck "outside". If he's on the deck he'll point down to the patio and say "outside."

We started homeschool earlier than I planned, on the 8th of July. I decided that a year round schedule would fit our lifestyle better. If we start in the summer we can take time off whenever we want without getting behind. So far we took off a week when Dar and Sean visited and two weeks for our Jamaica trip. We'll take another week when we go to California for Ben's first birthday. Even though these activities don't take up the whole week, we take a whole week off because it makes learning less choppy.

Tomorrow we're going camping! Just for one night...we're not sadists.

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