Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Scary Night

The girls are both sick. There is something going around. Lauren was sick in bed for two days and Matt was sick getting on the plane this morning. Anna had a scary case of croup last night. We took her to the nurse's office this morning and she called the doctor who gave her a prescription antihistamine to keep her airways open. It knocked her out this afternoon. If the croup comes back tonight we will have to turn on the shower and use the bathroom as a steam room. If it gets really bad we'll have to call the nurse and have her bring a nebulizer. Both girls get croup in the winter but this is the first time they have gotten it in the summer. Mia's nose is crazy stuffy so we gave her some of the antihistamine too. I don't want her waking up having trouble breathing tonight. I think the air conditioner is what is causing it. Glad we are going home tomorrow!

Other health issues with our wedding traveling group: bee stings (Joey and Brittany), hives (Cookie), allergic reaction to bug bites (Heather)!

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