Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Hello from California! We got in on Sunday and on Monday Dan went golfing with Sean for his birthday (which was Sunday). While he was gone, I took the girls in the spa and to the park which is just two blocks away. We will be doing this pretty much every day so I'm sure to get some pictures eventually.

The next morning the four of us spent a good deal of time in the spa and getting ready for guests. It started to get cold by the afternoon just as Dar and Sean arrived. We barbecued some chicken and had salads for dinner. Dar and I played games while the guys watched some sort of sports.

The next day we took the kids to the park again. Denise and Dave arrived in the afternoon for New Years Eve. We found out that Michael was laying tile in Palm Springs so we invited Dani and Michael over too. We had lots of snacks, watched football, and played games. We repeat stuff around here a lot! We barbecued steaks and Denise made us all stay up till midnight. We don't usually do that anymore...ever. The girls stayed up until 8:15 which was really late for them!

The next morning all three of us sisters emerged with leopard pattern scarves on. So we had to take a pic.

Does that mean we are all stylish or we are all old? You can probably figure that one out for yourself!

Happy New Year!

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Roberta Watson McKay said...

I would definitely say STYLISH and BEAUTIFUL! :) Happy New Year!