Monday, January 12, 2015

Shield's Date Farm

Last week I took the kids to Shield's date farm. All the dates have been picked for the season, but I bought them a date shake to share.

You cannot walk around the date palm groves but they have recently added a Life of Jesus walk. I had read about it and decided I didn't want to pay $5 apiece for it. Cheap as I am, it seems we should be able to walk around the farm for free! But the kids saw the walkway and wanted to go and then I found out that kids were free and so away we went. I must say it was money well spent. The girls want to go back. It is a very visual way to learn about his life. And the owner doesn't care if the kids touch or climb on the statues - good for my kinesthetic learner!

Jesus is Born

There was a paragraph that I read aloud at each station. It was written in simple enough language for the girls to understand. The walk was really beautiful, clean and nicely landscaped. You could not see the next station from the one you were out so it was very exciting to guess which came next!

Jesus Preaches in the Temple

Jesus is Baptized

Jesus is Tempted in the Desert

Jesus Chooses his Disciples

Let the Children Come to Me

Jesus Heals the Sick

The Woman at the Well

Palm Sunday

The Last Supper

The Garden at Gethsemane

The Crucifixion

The Empty Tomb

The Resurrection

We wondered what these fruits were hanging from the palm trees. Were they small dates? Were they berries? It turns out they are the fruit of the California fan palm, the only palm native to California. We actually found this out at a trip we took today which I will blog about later.

This walk has been one of the highlights of the trip for them and we almost didn't do it! Check off religion, history, and nature study for our homeschool afternoon.

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