Monday, February 2, 2015

Baby Info and a Bunch of Random Stuff

We have found out our most recent grandchild is going to be a boy! His name will be Oliver. I love the sound of Maksy and Ollie. They are going to have so much fun together!

Now get ready for a a group of the most random happenings around here in no particular order:

Make played with play dough for the first time at our house. He spent an hour just cutting and cutting and cutting with a little plastic knife.

The girls love Friday night movie. Last Friday Mia had pizza at school so they had TV dinners during the movie instead of pizza. It was very hard to find a movie as Mia had a night with three nightmares recently and is petrified of anything scary. Not sure what I'm going to do about the play tickets I bought for the Wizard of Oz this weekend! They were not the usual cheap tickets I get.

Anna's baptism anniversary was tonight. Her Godparents came over for Chinese food. She wanted only rice but I told her we had to think of our guests!

We finally finished the Christmas puzzle. Every year we do a jigsaw puzzle at Christmas. This time Joey and Brittany gave us one as a gift. It's a picture of Avery teaching Maks how to walk down a step at Brit and Joey's wedding. I vote it World's Cutest Puzzle, along with World's Most DIFFICULT puzzle!

On Sunday we woke up to about 5 inches of surprise snow. The neighborhood kids came over to play with the girls and they tried to make a snowman. We took the girls sledding at the park.

We drew a hopscotch on the basement floor and everyone, I mean everyone, has been having fun with it.

The girls are busy making Valentines. We are going to a homeschool coop Valentine skating party on the 11th and they will be having parties at their schools on the 13th. I also have the words Valentine party on my calendar on the 12th. But I have no idea what that is and I hope someone gives me some sort of reminder!

That's what's been going on around this place!

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Roberta Watson McKay said...

It will be so exciting to meet/see Ollie! I'm waiting with baited breath for The Little Martian!