Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pizza Party

We are in charge of two coops for this homeschool coop session. We will also be going to A LOT of coops from now until the end of May. But it should be fun. My main goal is for the kids to have interaction with other kids on a regular basis, and if they also learn something that's even better.

For our first coop we used a Groupon I found for a kids pizza party.

First the kids got their dough and the toppings they ordered.

Then they spread the dough out.

Next they added their toppings. Mia chose extra cheese. Anna had pepperonis and olives. Mia put a tiny bit of sauce and Anna had no sauce.

They were so excited to eat their creations!

It was a fun coop. Next week we have three coops and two (maybe three if I figure out my calendar entry) Valentine parties.

This weekend we were supposed to go see the play The Wizard of Oz. But with Mia being scared to even be in a room by herself we decided seeing a scary witch and wizard all blown up on stage would be foolish. We like to sleep! Fortunately the theater had a waiting list of people wanting tickets so they gave me credit for mine. Since it's the local theater we go to all the time I will use up the credit for sure.

And we are not beyond purchasing this and raving about how great it will work. We have explained that God will protect her. But she is so anxiety-ridden she needs something tangible. We found this on a forum and if it helped one person's kid, maybe it will help ours. Basically, it catches the bad dreams because they are big and the little good dreams get through the holes. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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Roberta Watson McKay said...

What a great idea ... and I'm with your girls...little to no pizza sauce for me!