Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kids in the Kitchen

On Tuesday we went to a Kids in the Kitchen coop. The girls got to make their own lunch and snacks! First they made kid sushi. They squished bread flat, spread it with ranch dip and put vegetables on it. Then they rolled it up and sliced it like sushi!

Next they made fruit salad by cutting up strawberries and bananas and mixing them with yogurt.

After that they made snack necklaces by stringing pretzels and cereal on ribbons. One mom thought it would be great to wear during a hike.I agree. Maybe they would be able to go a lot longer!

The kids really enjoyed this coop and met some new friends!

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Roberta Watson McKay said...

Kid sushi...I love it! You find amazing activities for the girls. It is so fun to read your blogs and see what they are doing next!