Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last Five Days

On Saturday morning the weather was beautiful. We took a bike ride to the park for play and a picnic. That night, for Valentine's Day, we kept our 11 year tradition of breakfast for dinner at IHOP!

On Sunday the weather finally figured out what it was supposed to be doing (we have had 6 days over 70 so far in 2015).It snowed all day. We took the girls and Maks to visit the breeder and "see" our new puppy who is in it's momma's tummy right now.

The girls are soooooo excited. Dan and I are a little scared of the work. In 35 years of marriage we have never had a dog, let alone a puppy. But we are ready to take on the challenge!

This week is much slower than last, which is good as everyone has a cold. There are no coops, just a few doctor/dentist appoinments. Today I took the kids to Ash Wednesday service. They want to go back tomorrow and get more ashes!

Not sure why Mia looks so forlorn. Maybe she is just really into the ashes!

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Roberta Watson McKay said...

Oh my gosh your pup will be adorable! The girls will love him!