Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Activities

I am sooo tired! We had four coops this week plus school and our regular activities. Yesterday was our coop Valentine party. We invited Lorelei as she gets out of school early on Wednesdays.

There were fifty kids at the party! First we decorated bags.

Hint: Buy a red Christmas dress and it can do double duty for Valentine's Day.

The party was at a skating rink and the girls had a blast.

Today we went to a Heart and Circulation System coop for young kids. My camera battery died as soon as I was ready to take the first pic.

They really learned a lot at this coop. They listened to a story about the heart, got to listen to their own heartbeat through a stethoscope, and made a craft with the size and shape of their own heart. They also made "blood", red hots for red blood cells, mini marshmallows for white blood cells, tiny pasta shapes for platelets all in a sandwich bag with Karo syrup and oil for the plasma.

Tomorrow they have Valentine's parties at both of their schools. And I'm going to rest and go to the dentist.

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