Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Art Op Coop

Fall coops have started. We went to our first one Thursday after we dropped Beth off at the airport. Since there wasn't enough time to go home before the coop, we stopped at a nearby park and had a picnic.

Yes, we bring smoothies in glass jars to the park. We're weird that way.
The coop started at the Museum of Outdoor Arts where they had an altered reality exhibit. 

Let's be part of a painting!

Look out below!

There were some very strange works of art.

Mia did not like standing so close to these giant venus fly traps!

The Color of Light exhibit.

The girls used black lights to find hidden pictures on the walls.

The prize for finding all the hidden pictures was a kaleidoscope. Mia later put her finger in the hole in one end and got it stuck. We had to use soap and water to get it out.

We then went outside to see those exhibits. The fountain is colored pink for September and October to help us remember breast cancer awareness. That hits home a lot more for me these days.

The girls thought the fountain was simply A-MAZING.

We then went back in and had our class in Op Art. We traced our hands. Then we drew straight lines from the side and bent them as we went over our hands. This gives the illusion of a hand under the paper.

We colored it to make it pop out even more.

We are excited to attend more coops soon!

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