Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Joey and Brittany arrived Friday night to spend some time at Casa Collins. After an Italian takeout dinner from our local restaurant, we celebrated Ben's birthday. He doesn't like cake, but he LOVES donuts. Actually, who doesn't?

This cutie is turning two!

After donut cake there were presents!

Big sis is such a good helper.

The next day all the kids swam.

And one big kid swam a lot. His kids wouldn't go in the pool without him.

 It's only 10:30 and the kids had already been in the pool for three hours! 

Dar, Sean, Denise and Dave arrived and Sean made us all Orange Sliders.

Some kids have such thin hair they have to have a little sunscreen rubbed into it. I must say I am enjoying the fact that my younger kids do not need sunscreen!

As a nice surprise, Matt and Lauren arrived right after dinner. We had no bedrooms left but our sectional was big enough for two! 

This house held ten adults and four children without feeling crowded. We hope to make many memories in it over the years.

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