Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Ride Home

Last Friday we started the drive home from California. Every one had to repeat after me, "If I mention driving to California again say No Way!". I just can't seem to remember this all by myself so I need some help.

We recently studied Ancient Egypt for history. So I thought it would be great to stop by The Luxor on the way home. But this whole trip we kept forgetting about Charlie. As we are driving we suddenly realize that we cannot leave Charlie in the car on a 102 degree day while we have lunch and browse through Ancient Egypt. So we gave it 30 minutes. Dan walked Charlie around outside and got him some exercise and I took the girls in to marvel.

 I didn't have any change for the fountain. Did Ancient Egyptians throw gold coins in fountains anyway? But that didn't stop the girls. They fished coins out, made wishes, and threw them back in.  I think that nullifies their wishes so I'm pretty sure that means we won't be buying a horse any time soon.

Letters of the hieroglyphic alphabet lit up a few at a time on this obelisk. I was surprised at how many of them the girls remembered from our studies. But we couldn't remember enough to figure out if there was some sort of message. 

That night we stopped for the night in Utah and took the girls to a McDonald's play space to run off some energy. Anna started crying after falling and said her arm hurt. We put some ice on it and she seemed okay. In the car the next day she wasn't really using her arm at all so I took her to urgent care when we got home. The diagnosis: buckle fracture of the elbow. She has to wear this splint for a week. Mia wants one too. Reminds me of Madeline and her appendix.

Charlie never made a peep the whole ride home as he sat in his crate - much better than me.  What a trooper.

Did I mentioned our DVD player broke as we left the house for the drive home?  Ugh... Repeat after me, never never again.

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