Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Becky and Arek

Last Saturday was the last full day of our vacation. Becky and Arek came up to Victorville to babysit Mia for me so I could throw a best friends birthday party for Dar (that will be another post!) Mia gets so excited to see them. Why wouldn't she when they give her undivided attention 24/7!!

They colored eggs with her, took her to the park and pretty much did whatever she wanted!

The next day was Becky and Arek's third anniversary as a couple so they went up to Big Bear for a hike. They found the tree they had carved their initials in last year.

And then Arek proposed!

While we weren't surprised because Arek had asked Dan for her hand the week before at her graduation party, we were delighted! They are meant for each other. Congratulations you two!

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Beth said...

We both had proposals while sitting on a log. :) I wonder what kind of announcement May will bring!