Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

Friday night we picked up Becky at the airport! Arek went to Boston for a week long business trip so she came to visit.

Saturday morning we headed out to Eggstravaganza at The Wildlife Experience. Mia's absolute favorite activity was the bounce house.

Sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap and bowling came in close seconds.

There were lots of things to do there, but since we have a membership we didn't feel bad leaving to go to the Easter egg hunt at the park. We should have stayed. The hunt was packed with kids and lasted all of about 1 minute. And almost all of Mia's eggs were filled with gum. I'm just not giving gum to a two year old. Even an almost three year old. I've picked it out of hair and carpet too many times!

We got at least six compliments on the 20 year old Easter pail that Darlene made for Beth way back when.

On Easter morning the Easter Bunny brought some yummy carmel apples that looked like chicks for Becky and Mia, earrings for Becky and a book and stuffed poodle for Mia. Don't know how much longer the Easter Bunny will be able to get away with semi-healthy food. And I forgot to take a picture of the cute little apples before they were demolished.

Grandma made Mia's little Easter dress. She used to make Easter dresses for all the girls years ago.

After church this morning we headed out to brunch at this cute little place.

We went to Greg and Deirdre's for dinner where there was a real Easter egg hunt. She had to look for the eggs! And no gum! I know. I know. I shouldn't complain about free things!

We will all be sad to see Becky leave tomorrow, but we'll see her again in two weeks!

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