Thursday, April 5, 2012

BFF Darlene

Over the last year two of Darlene's friends have told me that she is their best friend. And I had to say, "Excuse me! I am the best friend." Truth be told, Dar and I have a special bond; but she is a special person and a lot of people consider her one of their best friends. So knowing I would probably not be out in the fall when she turns 50, I decided that the family could do something then, but I would throw a best friends party now. Of course now that I'm having a grandbaby in the fall I'll probably be there anyway!

I surprised her with lunch at Il Fornaio in Pasadena. Here we are arriving for the surprise. We were talking so much in the car we missed TWO freeway interchanges and ended up twenty minutes late. Everyone shouted, "Surprise!". Darlene yelled, "What for!!??"

Everyone brought a couple of items for a memory basket - things that reminded them of something they shared with Dar. Since she is CRAZY, the basket was full.

Everyone had to have a picture wearing the Best Friends robot bracelets.

We laughed for the entire three hours. My mouth actually hurt. We were a little loud and they came and shut the door. Luckily we had a private room.

Happy Birthday Darlene! From all your BFF's!

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Beth said...

How fun. Glad you guys had a great time.