Monday, April 23, 2012

Shower #1

I didn't feel up to par this weekend and my really lousy pictures attest to that. We went to California for Brittany's shower. Friday night we went to Bucca de Peppo to meet Brittany's mom and sister. This is the first really bad picture I took of Brigit and Michaela.

Afterward it was still warm outside so we let Mia play in the fountain a little bit and I captured it with another really bad pic.

The next day the girls came over before the shower and showed Mia how to use Beth's new camera. And of course I got a bad picture of them.

The guys had already headed out to golf. The three of us went to the shower together where I took the cream of the bad pictures crop of Brittany opening presents. Sorry, Brittany! I'm sure others got some good ones.

I did get one good picture of Mia eating cake. And if you don't like my pictures, well you can eat cake too! haha In my defense I had a headache, nausea and I was dizzy and I had a three year old that tossed and turned all night, had shoes that were too tight and really didn't want to be at a baby shower! So she's staying home the next time. :)

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