Monday, July 30, 2012

Intern Rocket Launch

On Saturday we went to the ULA Intern Rocket Launch. Every year the interns at ULA make and launch rockets out in the middle of nowhere. I can understand that they have to do it away from population centers; The big ones are thirty feet long and can be pretty dangerous. But, Pueblo!? I must admit I liked it better when it was closer in previous years. It was fun, but dusty and dirty.

We came pretty much unprepared for the heat. A nice couple loaned us their umbrellas for the girls.

We couldn't get very close to the rockets so you can barely see the first one in the background here. It was pretty exciting when this giant rocket launched. This is a launch site for all kinds of amateur rocket launchers and ULA's were by far the biggest rockets.

The shoes, the clothes and the people all needed a good scrub down when we got home!

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