Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Visit With Plastic Surgeon

Today we had a great meeting with our plastic surgeon! She was so sweet...the first thing she did was give Anna a hug and kiss. She confirmed for us what we thought happened: a section of her lip surgery stitches did not hold on the left side from the original procedure. And that is why she has the open crater under her nose. She said that the repair of this was a minor minor surgery and could even be done by the ENT when he puts the tubes in if he is willing. So we have a call in to him. The plastic surgeon, Stacey Folk, could do it but not until September 25th, right in between the wedding and the next grandbaby. We would really rather it was done in August. Just waiting for the ENT to call me back.

On another good note she said the Chinese surgeons did an amazing job on Anna's lips and palate. Bilateral cleft lip and palate surgery is extremely complicated and she said it could not have been done better! Thanks, Shanghai Healing Home. By the way, that is Anna's picture on the video on the home page and bottom left of the four pictures at the top. They are both pre-surgery.

On a not so good note, she says the fistulas in her hard palate really can't be repaired until she has her bone graft at 8 or 9 years old. There is just no tissue to work with. So she will have difficulty with many sounds until that time. When she is 3 and 1/2 she can get a retainer that will cover the holes and allow her to make some of the sounds.

Overall, we are happy campers!

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