Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lakeside Amusement Park

I got my computer back! This was the second time I had to take it in to have the track pad fixed and it is not a very old computer. But now I can blog again!

Last Saturday we took the girls to an amusement park. We stayed on the side with the kiddie rides only. They ABSOLUTELY loved it.

Anna wanted to go on every ride. We know that because she grunted and pointed like crazy. We. Were. Shocked. Of course we only let her go on a few that we felt she would be safe on.

Mia went on every ride. She got a little scared on the roller coaster. But by the third time around she was waving at us.

Dan and Mia rode the ferris wheel. I can't go on them. They petrify me...seriously. I can't even watch people while they are riding one. I'm afraid they will fall out. I know it makes no sense. So I took the picture and then went somewhere else while they rode.

This place has definitely seen better days, but that is part of its charm.

The park was close to Bill's house so we met Bill and Wade for dinner. It was a very tiring afternoon for the littles so I put in a movie in the car on the way home. I needed them to stay awake as baths were definitely needed when we got home.

Cute little zombies children on the drive home.

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