Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Matchy Matchy

As you have probably noticed, I love the matching outfits. Not sure how long I can get away with it, but it's so fun! I have fond memories of my three sisters and me wearing the same outfit in four different colors. My mom made all of our clothes which was how that was possible.

Here we are at Bill's house Saturday for a barbecue with the matchy matchy going on.

Bill and Wade moved to Denver in June. They are really happy there, but we miss seeing them all the time.

Friday we went to a 30th anniversary party and again they wore the only matching dresses they have.

Big sister Beth sent them the cutest matching shirts that say Big Sister Mia and Little Sister Annie. I only got this one shot, which doesn't hardly show the shirts at all, before Anna spilled apple juice all down the front of hers. So I'll get more pics at the next opportunity!

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