Monday, November 26, 2012

Early Christmas

Last Friday we celebrated Christmas. Of course we'll celebrate it again in a month, but this time it was with the whole gang. We woke up to the smell of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. This has been a Christmas tradition on and off over the last twenty years. For a few years hardly anyone was eating carbs so we nixed them. They are definitely a weakness for me! I have a sweet tooth.

Next was present time. It really didn't look that different than any other year except for the amount of toys and sunshine! Do you see our Christmas tree?

The big kids all agreed to not buy each other presents this year and only buy for the little guys. Joey and Brittany felt bad that Beth and Greg didn't have as much to open so they got them a gift anyway. You don't break rules when Beth is around!

After presents we all took showers and headed outside to get a family pic. I thought it turned out great. The girls found the best place in the yard, adjusted the camera settings, put the camera on a ladder and set the timer. Voila!

Next we did what we have done for the last five years on Christmas Day. Nothing! We stay in our pajamas as long as we want and eat leftovers from our big Christmas Eve dinner. This time we stayed in our bathing suits all day and ate leftovers from Thanksgiving! It was soooo relaxing and a great way to end the vacation.

Dan and I drove the girls home on Saturday and Sunday. It did not go nearly as well as the drive out! Anna wanted to get out of the car after about an hour. They have been slowly adjusting again to life here and need to stay in one place for awhile! Our new house will be done at the end of December but we have some things we want to do before we move in so we hope they will have a permanent place at the end of January!

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