Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Washing Day

Today was Day #2 of our little babysitting gig. I needed to do some wash so I took them all on a field trip...to the laundry room!

It was actually pretty fun for them. Max slept through the whole thing.

This was a lot of fun until Anna decided to turn the faucet on! Luckily I saw it and grabbed them both before they were soaking wet!

Opening and closing doors kept Anna occupied for a good ten minutes. So glad we had the place to ourselves. Some people might have been a little irritated at the sound of this!

Later, back at the apartment, Max is beginning to lift his head off the floor just a bit. He must be looking for his grandma!

The girls really love him!

As promised, here are a few more pics of the wedding!

This is Greg's "First Look" of Beth. They opted to take pictures before the wedding.

Sisters are special, even when they are 28 years apart!

Here is the intimate wedding party. I love the idea of having a small group of people that are really close to you stand up for you at the wedding.

More pics of Max and the wedding tomorrow!

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