Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rancho Mirage

We are having a very relaxing time here in Rancho Mirage! It will pretty much just be the four of us until Wednesday. The girls are sleeping really well with all the fresh air and exercise they are getting.

We are loving the pool and spa we have all to ourselves. Well, I should say WE are loving the spa and Mia is loving the pool! It's too cold for rest of us right now, but we have been slowly heating it up each day.

Notice the safety fence around the pool. It's making this mama's vacation much more peaceful! This house is not as nice as the condo we were in last year , but it will fit all of us comfortably!

The kids are really loving the sandbox as well. We think we just may put one in the new house, incorporated as part of the landscape like this one. Then when the kids are older you can fill it in with rock.

Can't wait for all the older kids to join us in the middle of the week!

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