Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mellow and Hello!

Today we made it down to Fullerton and checked into our hotel which we will be at for the next six nights. Our days will be spent mainly at Becky and Arek's watching little Maksym. We spent Thursday and Friday nights at Dar's house.

Mia has not been sleeping well and this shows up in some oppositional and hyperactive behavior. It is has taken us a few years to realize that when her behavior goes from sweet to crazy it is almost always a lack of sleep. And her lack of sleep can come from changes in our schedule to changes in her diet. She needs a really healthy diet, with little gluten, to sleep well. She also needs consistent routine. Needless to date the last few days haven't been conducive to sleep! Hopefully, six days in one place will help.

Dar has a new dog. Jack is mellow beyond mellow. Anna just loves him. She is mellow beyond mellow. At McDonald's (yes, fast food is contributing to Mia's sleep issues) the other day, Mia played and played in the play space with the other kids. Anna did this.

The chair was super fun to push around for this little mellow one.

Getting Mia's shoes out of the cubbies and putting them back again was also a blast.

Pretending to be mommy was the most fun of all.

And just to show us she did know how to climb on the structure even if it wasn't her favorite thing she smiled for a picture.

Anna and Jack...

...two peas in a pod.

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